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I Admit IT: Sometimes I play people

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Irene B Member Since: Feb 17, 2015
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While working in the normal world, I often dealt with a certain govt. department. At that time, most of the people I dealt with there were older, grey-haired gentlemen wearing brown suits and brown shoes. 

Being relatively young in my particular work position, most people did not take me seriously. Add to that the fact that I have blond get the picture.

Well, being treated like a dumb blond did not sit too well with me initially, and my age also seemed to count against me. Until I had an epiphany - use it.

And I did.

If I needed something done, I would climb into my car and go see these older gentlemen and, of course, play the 'dumb blond woe is me I am helpless card'. It worked 99% of the time. And my boss, the Wiley Old Fox, caught onto this...

So from then on, I became the govt. department designee for anything pertaining to the red tape of govt. 

Of course, youth does not last.


Now that I am older (relatively speaking, depending on your point of view, and what I want done), I tend to pull out the 'oh woe is me I am much older than you and I really do NOT understand what you want me or need me to do' card. And whomever I am dealing with tend to work out the issues for me...(it helps if I put a little crack into the voice or intersperse a sentence with a sob here and there). 

So yes. I sometimes play people. Sue me. But it saves me time. 

Am I ashamed? Nope. 

Will I do it again? Most certainly

WHY? Because life, these days, has so much red tape! Talking to someone on the phone takes ages, and more often than not you end up having to spend ages sorting things out you didn't mess up in the first place. SO....I put the ball (albeit deceptively) in the court of the company or department who messed my stuff up in the first place. Okay so the person I dupe may not be responsible...but hell's bells...not going up the chain of command until I find that person. Phonecalls cost money and waiting in line costs time. 

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Mary W Member Since: Nov 10, 2014
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I am ALL about the age card.  My hair has been snow white since my 50's and I use it all the time.  I remember one time several young men and I were having trouble walking across a busy street.  No one would give us the right of way.  I told them to follow me and barged into the street.  Traffic screeched to a halt.  No one wants to hit a tiny old lady.  The young men were cracking up.

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Cat L Member Since: Dec 13, 2019
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you TOO??? Smiley Wink