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I can sense the good upcoming days

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Pat M Member Since: Jun 18, 2016
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IMO it appears that Upwork is more so listening to FLs and Clients recently.  If that's the case, hopefully it's a trend that will continue; especially listening to those of us that are experienced.


If they're not listening, that's unfortunate as there's much they could learn.  However, it is there business; as such of course they're free to operate it as they see fit.


FLs and Clients aren't trees; we're free to utilize any platform we prefer.  No platform is perfect; Upwork most certainly has challenges.  However, even with those challenges IMO Upwork is the best.

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Wendy C Member Since: Aug 24, 2015
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IF (yes, a big "if') U can get the bugs worked out this rollout is definitely an example of listening to users.


Buyers won't have to wade through a cesspool of garbage proposals.  FLer proposals won't be buried in that same morass.


IF the kinks can be worked out efficiently and the program work on a sustaining level - over time word will spread that U has improved and is now a platform from which to contract with true professionals.


End result: Better buyers. More competent FLers. More money all around.



PS @ Scott - my comment about 'morality' were not intended to be addressed to you. It was intended to apply to all those claiming "big mean U" in 2 very long threads.


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Bill H Member Since: Aug 18, 2017
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Sure, UW is listening to people. Just many more than clients and freelancers. Think investors. UW is adding and diversifying revenue streams, something it had to do. I just tried to add a new freelancer to my agency account, but I can't on a free account. That's understandable.


The nonsense of free connects is at an end. This is "unfair" to providers from the develolping world, as they may pay a day's wages for a pile of connects, while I'll spend five or six minutes' revenue. Life is unfair. There is no free lunch.UW must recover cost and make a profit; it's not a charity or social services agency.