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I just had the best weekend!

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Colleen E Member Since: Jun 29, 2016
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 One of my non-Upwork clients is a member of the Northeast Florida Chapter of Sisters in Crime, a group of mystery writers. As she was planning a workshop on how to write a mystery, she thought I might like to place an ad in the program for the workshop touting my editing business. Or better yet, would I like to attend the workshop, both to maybe drum up some business and to learn how to write a mystery? (I dabble in writing, but I don't advertise myself as a writer).


The workshop was facilitated by best-selling author Victoria Thompson, author of 22 Gaslight Mysteries featuring Sarah Brandt and Frank Molloy (who, after 15 books, became Mr. and Mrs. Molloy). I'm a HUGE fan of Thompson's so I jumped at the chance!


We had a terrific time - I learned a lot, which will help me as an editor even if I never write a book. Vicki was delightful - funny, thoughtful. encouraging, an so down-to-earth. She willingly answered all our questions (even the dumb ones!) and offered to read the first page of any writing that anyone brought with them, offering suggestions for improvement. She even stayed in character as a mystery writer by wearing a neckace, bracelet and earrings with miniature handcuffs.


She went to dinner with eight of us after the workshop and regaled us with stories about her early publishing and career mishaps.


It was such fun and I'm so grateful to my friend for the invitation and to Vicki for the great day!

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Mary W Member Since: Nov 10, 2014
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I think I'm a little jealous.  Sounds like great fun!

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Brian S Member Since: Aug 9, 2019
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Wow, cool..inspiring.


Thank you,

- Brian S.