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I work on my laptop and don't claim a home office, I need tax deductions

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Brian G Member Since: Dec 11, 2011
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Like I'm sure a lot of us do, I work from home or coffee shops on my laptop. I don't take the home office deduction because that is an excellent way to get audited. However, I have few deductions that come to mind. I don't use printer paper or toner since all work is in the cloud. I don't really drive anywhere to get computer accessories because I order those online. I don't have a dedicated phone line for work because it isn't necessary. I have my monthly Internet access bill, a subscription to a time tracking program for non-oDesk clients, possibly a subscription to a grammar checking service and that's about it. I need work-related deductions (or suggestions about things I'm already doing that I can deduct) to keep my tax bill from going through the roof.

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Suzanne N Member Since: Aug 15, 2012
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I claim my home office and have never been audited. If you do it correctly there should be no reason to be concerned about an audit. Although I do work in my office and also run a small farm besides working from home. 


You can deduct any expense such as Skype if you use it for work or your computer. Your computer you can either depreciate or take it all at once. Tax help, can be deducted, if you file online you can deduct it. If you use anything to keep track of your taxes, such as quickbooks online etc, any software you use.


You can write off an IRA if you have one. Depreciation of home and equipment, Educational expenses if you had to learn something new for a job and it cost you to learn it. 


Advertising expenses

Promotional expenses

ie business cards, advertising ....


Health insurance expenses

Medical expenses that were out of pocket such as your medications etc.


You can write off donations that you did as well, so if you sent things to Goodwill or elsewhere get a receipt for it.