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Is There a Correlation b/w New Connects & Accuracy of U Initiated Invites?

New Connects System seems to be playing havoc with algorithms U has in place for jobs they 'think' we  are qualified for.


It has been ages since I got U initiated invites for admin; Spanish; Russian; V/O work; Graphic Design, etc.


WTH is going on? Is anyone else being spammed by this nonsense?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Wendy, 

I checked the jobs that you were invited to in the past week, and can see that you were shortlisted by these clients because your skills met the skills they tagged on their job posts. This is why you showed in their search results. 

If there's anything you think I missed, you can foward it to me through a DM so that I can go investigate further.

~ Avery
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I dont think it has anything to do with new connects. I'm getting jobs suggested by U talent scouts for Indian companies with an hourly payment record of below $3.00 looking for $ candidates - I'm top rated with $35.00 to $40.00 hourly rate - the whole system is on the blink since the last couple of months. Jobs get spammed with 50+ applications by god knows who and I have send out 60+ applications, all individually written and got one 10 hour job out of it - I spend much more time writing the applications than it took for the one job - before that I got 1 job out of 10-15 applications

It's is a desaster 

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