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Is the ChatGPT Turbo Reducing Upwork Jobs?

Has anyone seen the new ChatGPT Turbo and DevOps announcement with tools that came out this Monday? Two million software engineers have started using these tools that will make the majority of Jobs within 12 months on Upwork obsolete.


The applications for swarm agents is crazy.

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Yeah, I can only imagine the tech they actually have. This is just what's mass released to the public.

I have seen examples of the new chat agents that create swarm agents.


Unless there are some serious issues with the new releases we could go lite AGI within a year.


It's going to change the way I work with clients yet again next year.

Are you looking into customized flows with multiple agents? Have you looked into this? https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/research/blog/autogen-enabling-next-generation-large-language-model-...


Time for another thinking headache on client Business Strategy implementations. 😀

Yeah, me too. You've done an excellent job on your portfolio, I need to do the same! 

My guess on where Upwork is going - I think most of the short term freelance jobs will be radically changed, as in disapearing. Upwork is a partner with OpenAI. I wouldn' be surprised to see them looking at the most common freelance short-term gigs and building an automated flow around it that requires minimal freelance help. They've got a huge advantage in being able to mine contract conversations for machine learning. It seems like an obvious move to me. 100% freelancer -> freelancer augmented w/ ai -> 100% ai.  From the customer's perspective, it could be transparent. 

Most freelancers will not have the proper alignment of skills for the majority of the client work within a year unless they are using generative AI, Chat agents, machine learning, etc. to perform their jobs.


My guess is less than 1% of the freelancers are prepared or are preparing for the indepth business changes coming around the corner. Process Improvement will have a big gain in projects.

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Hi, William. This was noteworthy, especially regarding the reduced cost of GPT 4. I also like that the new product will take responsibility for copyright infringement if it is. But for me, the idea of swarming agents a bit difficult to understand.

The Copyright infringement caught my attention also since there are many freelancers that state they don't use ChatGPT due to copyright issues.


We started playing with the Chat agents today. My guess is that the features will be more robust with the next major update.


Swarming agents seems to be an abstract idea that most people will not be able to implement because it is complicated. Basically a whole business will be automated using individual chat agents that do their job and then hand their work to the next unique chat agent with other agents checking the work. Think of a company organization chart and automating away most of everyone's work. Scary thought.

"Swarming agents seems to be an abstract idea that most people will not be able to implement because it is complicated"

I think it will be a lot easier very soon. Just check this out https://www.lindy.ai/blog/announcing-a-new-way-to-create-ai-employees?utm_source=tldrai

I think what you can do right now might be a little overhyped, but in a few years? Scary. 

I love the concept of the swarming agents because it aligns with a business organization chart. Possibly the next major update will allow the agents to smoothly work without so many restrictions.

That's my bet as well. It makes sense, people want it... and it will consume a lot more computing, so I bet that translates into more revenue opportuity for OpenAI as they charge a premium for that.

There's a company in China that did a virtual bot development "factory" based on this idea. Imagine Upwork became a network of virtual experts that can be assembled into virtual teams on demand by a virtual project manager. 

I'm thinking maybe I need to brush up on my lawn mowing skills as a career fallback! There's not a bot for that. Yet. 

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