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Job Interview, Isn't this incompatible?

Guys, check this image please... This is what an invitation to interview look like now a days..




My question is, where is the budget of the project?

To see it you need to click on the view job posting link or you can accept the interview.

Also the attached documents can be seen by viewing the original job post.

This is what I saw when I clicked on the view job posting link.




Another question: why the attachments are absent inside the interview invitation?

My overall question is :: why we are not putting the budget and attachments inside the Invitation to Interview page? If we can do that, hope we will be more benefited from it.



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Is this something new? I've been on Upwork for a couple years now, though only consistently for the past month, and my interview invites have always looked like this. Yeah, it doesn't have all the information I wish it had, but it isn't really that much trouble to click view job posting.

Upwork:  it makes sense to include budget, etc. in invites. Having to toggle back and forth between job post and invites is ludicrous and nothing other than extremely poor programming on your part.


Does anyone at Upwork know - or understand - UX?


@OP > it has been this way for awhile ... and for no logical reason.

No need for "toggling". Right click on the link and select open in new tab. Then you can review it and close it without losing your place in the other tab.

@ Yngve, I know - but it does not excuse the lack of thinking by U. for failing to include ALL relevant info in the invite.

I think it has to do with some clients getting annoyed that invitees don't answer the purple cow questions, because those questions don't appear in the invitations. Not including the budget in the invitation, makes the invitee look at the original job post. 


If this is the reason, then it fails. If I am invited to a job, I assume that the client has checked my profile, so the purple cow questions IMO are irrelevant. 


That's just my take on it and it is probably wrong. It could just be a UW glitch. 😉

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