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Jobs for Jobless

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Najie B Member Since: Oct 8, 2013
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Now that the freelancers here in Odesk are thrice the number of the clients here. It seems that It's so hard to get a job here in Odesk. Competition is tight. All I want is to have a descent and a long-term VA/PA Contract. Uhhm. Can you share your thoughts?
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Donna D Member Since: Mar 20, 2013
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I was going to be polite but seeing how you've plagiarized your second, third and fourth paragraphs I'm less inclined to be (I didn't even bother with the rest). I was going to tell you to rewrite your overview because it's very bland and generic and it reads like something from a template. Of course it is, because you've copied! I don't even have Copyscape, and yet it took me less than 5 seconds to find out. It really amazes me why people think they can get away with stealing. Any serious client would Google whatever you've written, search the forums for your name and guess what they will find? Secondly, if you are as "professional" as you claim to be, learn the rules. You've spammed the boards. Not only is it against the rules but you've shown potential clients who read the boards how disorganized you are. The problem is that you barely have experience and it shows in your profile. You need details and solid facts like typing speed, number of years of experience in each skill that you claim to have and more than above average test scores in relevant tests in your profile for clients to take notice. If your cover letters read like your overview, it isn't surprising why you aren't being hired. Since you don't have much experience, you have to be creative in selling yourself. Completely rewrite your overview and USE YOUR OWN WORDS. Change your picture to something that looks more professional. Gain more real-life work experience. You can't just jump into freelancing expecting to win jobs without the proper skills and experience.
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Najie B Member Since: Oct 8, 2013
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Nice and Approved , Thanks Donna D Kind regards, Najie
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Maria F Member Since: Feb 1, 2010
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So basically she called you a thief and you approve the message...
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Robert S Member Since: Aug 5, 2011
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Politicians do this all the time.