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Life is Beautiful and I’m still working!

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Fahim Ul K Member Since: May 13, 2017
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Hi Everyone,
I wanna share with you one beautiful things!


Since 2012 I cannot stand up. I have a disease name "Duchene Muscular Dystrophy" which disabled me and put me to bed. I was want to do something always.


One day in a social media group I have seen about freelancing. Then I learn all about of freelancing via google, youtube, and some professional freelancers.
I became a freelancer. Again from social media group, I have know about the Upwork. I didn't even want to bother because l applied, bid and hope on many online platforms for designers which are based on competition among designers. I hoped to won a job for small amount of money.

So I give it a last try to online freelance. I created Upwork account and It was approved within 12 hours, which I enjoy the most to do. Honestly, didn't believed.

But, on the second day, I received an order after 3 proposals! 
I was thrilled because someone is looking just for me! In fact, I was so thrilled that I delivered a design within 1 hour!
2 days ago I became Top Rated (within only 3 months) and I am so proud that I'm still usable! Yes, we all need a money, but in my case, money isn't a thing that makes me happy.

I feel happy and I found myself again. Love You Upwork.

Greetings To Everyone

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Baris A Member Since: Mar 15, 2017
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Hello Fahim, Thank you for sharing your experience. After reading your post I checked your profile. It looks nice but I will have a suggestion for your portfolio. First 7 pages are all flyers and other work samples come after them. I don't think most clients would look at portfolio items past first couple of pages; especially when they are trying to choose a new freelancer to work with. Please check my Upwork profile. You can see there how I separated my work samples. It might be better for you too to spend some time and collect them in categories.


My best wishes for the new year.




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Fahim Ul K Member Since: May 13, 2017
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Thanks for your suggestion. Smiley Very Happy

Joanne Marie P Moderator Member Since: Nov 26, 2017
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Hi Fahim,


Thank you for sharing your inspiring story. Keep up the good work!



~ Joanne
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Fahim Ul K Member Since: May 13, 2017
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Thank you so much for your reply. Keep me in your prayer. Smiley Happy

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Mary W Member Since: Nov 10, 2014
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Thank you so much for sharing your personal story.  Wishing you continued success in the new year!

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Fahim Ul K Member Since: May 13, 2017
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Shehan F Member Since: Aug 10, 2015
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Thanks for sharing your story Fahim. You are truly an inspiration. Keep up the good work ma friend. Smiley Very Happy

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Fahim Ul K Member Since: May 13, 2017
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Thank you!

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Rawan S Member Since: Dec 8, 2017
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Dear Fahim,


You are indeed a marvellous inspiration! I have taken a glance at your profile and I can say it represents a clear evidence for that. I wish you maintain your positivity no matter how many obstacles and boundaries you are subject to encounter.


By the way, do not call yourself "still usable".. It has never been about physical abilities. There exist so many people out there around the world who are physically completely healthy yet provide no productivity, and are lazy, lacking determination, and mentally unenergetic. Always keep in mind that your physical conflicts will never overcome the other talents you have been gifted as long as you stay strong, confident, on the right track and resistant towards frustrating events.


Thank you for sharing your inspiring story with us. We indeed should have no excuse to back off and become inactive. wishing you all the best in your freelancing journey.


Kind regards,