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Life is Beautiful and I’m still working!

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Fahim Ul K Member Since: May 13, 2017
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Nichola L Member Since: Mar 13, 2015
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I would like to vote Fahim as the next "Featured Contributor".

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Abid M Member Since: Aug 4, 2017
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You are a star, my friend. And I mean it.  We normal people with everything lost all hope sometimes, can't have the daring to come forward, yet you are rising day by day. And I'm pretty sure you'll shine in life.


Best of luck to you mate. May Allah bless you.


Best wishes.

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Jithin T Member Since: Oct 2, 2018
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Dear Fahim,


True that! I have been dealing with similar muscular dystrophy and was looking for a purpose to move on. Yes, there is much more than the money that I needed too which made me start working and eventually I ended up working in Upwork. I have to tell you, Upwork, and the clients I have had here have been so generous.

The challenges kept me busy making me learn new things or tools daily and I'm still putting my best every day to learn something new.


It took me 5 months to get my top rated badge and It just made me feel exactly how you did 2 years back.


Happy to know, Upwork was, and still changing/saving lives Smiley Happy