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Logic fails to prevail

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Fergus M Member Since: May 23, 2015
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Hmm. I thought the other boat in the background might have been a clue. Clearly not Smiley Happy

If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.― George Orwell
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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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@Mariska P wrote:

' look like the kind of person a client would want to hire.'

hmmmm. that doesn't sound good at all Preston. 

that kind of statement could open up a can of worms in the discrimination department.  jus' sayin'. 

 Mariska, I keep coming back to this again and again because I do see where you're coming from, and I see where Preston is coming from.


I can see how you could see a potential for it being seen as discriminatory, and understand totally why.


Let's look at it from a cold Marketing perspective. A user's profile represents a product, a brand.


That brand has a brand identity which aims to represent itself in a way that appeals to its target market.


Just as a manufacturer will choose a certain "look and feel" for how they present their product, a freelancer will (hopefully) do the same.

Depending on the target market that look and feel will be different, and the profile picture that will fit the "look and feel" will again differ.


As an example; the fitting "look and feel" of someone who wants so create game graphics will be markedly different to the look and feel of an accountant's profile.


The profile photo is part of the overall look and feel of a profile and is similar to the logo and the website / advertising design of a product.


I actually think that particular photo is perfect in what it conveys and how it would likely appeal to a fairly wide range of clients in the target market.


The quality of the picture says "I am a professional, and I care about my image"  so what the client subconsciously feels is "safe, he will care about my business"


It says "dynamic" and "competent."


The clothing is professional, but cleverly the open shirt says "Hey, I'm actually easy going, not stiff, talk to me!"


The smile and body language say "I am friendly, I am open, let's talk about what you need"


Clients are essentially consumers/buyers, and human.  They will react in exactly the same way to way a "product" is offered to them as any other consumer/buyer does. The package has to be right, to advertise the content appropriately. If that were not the case the billions spent on brand identity across the globe would be wasted, and they are not!


So when a freelancer chooses a profile photo they give their brand/product a face (literally.)


And ideally that visual representation of the brand will appeal to their target audience.


What I believe Preston meant was that the photo in now does exactly that: Add a suitable, targeted, appealing visual image to the brand/product in question to create an overall package that will advertise the brand/product most effectively by sending out the appropriate vibe to the target audience.


Does it, on some level, feel "wrong" to compare a human being to a product? SURE.


But essentially each of us is a business, and we are the "product" that business offers to "buyers." So just as any other business will choose a visual representation to best advertise what it offers, the smart freelancer will choose a profile picture that sends out the right vibe.






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Ray C Member Since: Jun 17, 2015
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I'm pretty new here and it is totally worth it. there are problems but it is far superior to where i was (I won't mention the name but lets just say you don't want to step on it.) Everyone here has been very helpful and i'm making money so i'm happy. Waist up? What were you thinking???  Haha i have no idea what that was about but i wouldn't worry about it.Good luck.