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Mass Gratitude Journal

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Beth T Member Since: Jan 18, 2015
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Things have been rough lately, so I'll counterbalance my complaints with a few good points about today:

  • I ordered a turkey BLT at DQ today and got raw bacon on my sandwich. The good part is that I did not go ballistic. I simply called them to calmly let the food preppers know they need to be more careful. Then I called my mother, a former nurse, to get the low-down on trichinosis symptoms. (Yes, I ate some of it.)
  • My neighbor just asked if she could borrow my iron. I've had it for over five years and had never taken it out of the box. Working from home FTW!!!
  • Now that my 9-year-old niece has a cell phone, I can send her crazy/stupid texts, and she pretends I'm funny.

Feel free to share your own gratitude!

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Oreofe J Member Since: May 8, 2015
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Was a wet rainy night (2 days ago), got totallly blinded by an oncoming vehicle's headlights , swerved into a ditch with car partially turned over on it's side. Had to walk all the way home because it was late. To take my mind off  from worrying , read a book where unfortunately the dictator president specialised in jailing and 'offing'  percieved opponents of the state and I went to bed wondering why the world could be full of mean people .


Next morning went back to the scene. Got helped by my neighnour and total strangers (including 3 car-jacks and a floor board) and we got the car out.


What am I grateful for ?


1.  The car is running smoothly with no issues.

2. Not having to make an unplanned expense for a tow/rescue truck.

3. Knowing the world is still filled with NICE people.


I truly am grateful.

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Fatima A Member Since: Sep 26, 2013
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A friend of mine got diagnosed with ovarian cancer two days ago. I don't know how to react or how to be supportive of her, because this is one situation where I can't be in her shoes. I just don't KNOW. All I can think is, my grandaunt died of ovarian cancer last year.


I am grateful I, my family, and my other loved ones, are healthy, safe, and blessed with the opportunity to make the most of our lives.

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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I am grateful for all the Upwork newbies who post in the Forum asking why their profiles were not approved yet. Their profiles are usually so bad, it makes it easy to think of things to tell them they need to do in order to improve.

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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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This thread is depressing. Except for Preston who made me LOL

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Beth T Member Since: Jan 18, 2015
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I am grateful for ... Jennifer's sarcastic sense of humor? Woman Tongue

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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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That's what I'm here for. Smiley Very Happy


I hope you have a good day, Ms Beth.

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Stephen B Member Since: Dec 4, 2012
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Where I'm from we'd call that positively slapstick  Man Tongue  Man Very Happy

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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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Mr Stephen B,


I can no longer consider your opinions of my humor. <~~~~notice there is not that ugly U in that word.


You do not live in a place where there is Papa Johns delivery, so therefore I consider you one of the pagans.

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Beth T Member Since: Jan 18, 2015
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