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Meet your Community Team

A lot of you have gotten to know us pretty well throughout the months/years. However, there are some new faces on our team and new members to our Community that may need an introduction. So let me introduce you to your Community Team:





I’ve been working with the Community for almost two years. I do swing dancing, lindy hop to be exact, it's my main hobby and activity outside of work. I have lived in at least 3 countries and have visited about 20. I love the smell of basil and cinnamon and eat buckwheat with sour cream and soy sauce.





I've been in Community Management now for about 10 years (yikes). I thrive on interacting directly with users and doing what I can to understand, synthesize and share that with my colleagues so our business can improve.

My childhood friend lived 2 houses down from me growing up. Oddly enough we both moved to the same neighborhood 20 miles away and now live a block away from each other. I think we're growing old together.





I love to travel and visit new places, I hope to travel to all seven continents- even Antarctica. To date I have lived on three continents. I went to high school in Belgium and after college I worked in South Korea. In my spare time I enjoy attending music events, pinteresting ( yes, I’ve made that a verb) and finding new DIY projects.  





As a member of the Community and Education team, I love playing a key role in delivering trainings for the benefit of both clients and freelancers. I've always lived near the ocean in some of the biggest surfing communities, but have never surfed myself. I go camping almost every weekend during the summer, and try and swim in every body of water I see. I own an 11 year old Hungarian Vizsla, her name is Luna. 





I'm a hiking enthusiast who enjoys diving into different cultures and discovering new places. Salt water is running through my bloodstream and cream All Star high-tops are the preferred travel method.


Aw you guys this is an awesome post. You guys are awesome.


Lena , thanks for sharing . There is nothing like planting your footprints on a new city on this planet.


Alexander (the Great) got bitten and It's great to know  that the 'travelling bug' still bites  hard. If variety is the spice of life , travelling is the 'main dish'. Wishing you all the best on your trips/adventures.


I really Really REAllly envy all you guys....Globetrotting is a dream of mine, since childhood (got to blame all the stupid books for painting such desirable destinations) but I guess I will take this dream to my grave.


Been stuck in the same hole for my whole life!!! 34 years, 17 days and 40 mins to be exact. DOH!!!

Lol. Nikhil ,Just when I promised myself I was going to get back to my graveyard shift you went on and posted this 


How stuck is stuck ?


Nothing a few tough ropes or levers can't fix ( I hope).


But seriously if you have been bitten by the travel bug, nothing should stop you from hitting the road.


Travelling the world through books is great ,but  feeling the wind on your face while on  the mountain tops , savoring the fresh smell of turned earth on farm fields , hearing the meta-concert of car horns in a new city and gingerly taking your first bite of a new dish in a local cafe are just a few of the great delights that travelling brings- nothing beats the real deal.


It's time to get unstuck.



I am stuck as in "STUCK" 😞


You couldn't have put it in better words (and make me feel lousy again)!! Travelling is like romance...you savour every minute of it (before it goes sour :D) But seriously, for once I would like to throw away my shackles and escape to the unknown (or rather untravelled in my case)


I think I should crowdsource my globetrotting. I will post a job for a marketing guru who can raise funds for me 😄 😄 😄


" Needed an Accomplished Marketing Guru to raise half a million dollars. Willing to pay higher for expert freelancers. Budget $30 "

IAmen, Nikhil.  I hate traveling alone, so I've traveled but just within the US. Well, unless you count Cancun and the Bahamas. 😄  I wish I had the guts to up and move to a new country. I'd love to reset somewhere. 😄

I don't see it as travelling alone. I just look at it as having some time to myself between bars.

If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.― George Orwell

I thought Garnor hates Santa Claus. He's been bringing us only bad news recently Smiley LOL


Great team. Keep it up.


WoW! Simply Awosome Post.


Lovely to meet you!!!


Limerick for you: 


There's a five-some of moderators,

Dancers, swimmers and pinterators,

Santa, All-Star and pet. (Those'll stick, wanna bet?)

They're the team that won't castigate us.