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Message seen or unseen!

Hello Everyone!

It is such a pleasure to work at Upwork. Upwork has been a part of my life since 2017, but I knew about the company long before then.


There is a feature missing in the Upwork message system that I feel is important. If we look at all of the social media or other marketplaces, we can see that everyone is coming with this feature. I'm talking about Upwork messages seen or unseen! It should be included like everything else. Often, the client is online, but does not reply to the message, so we have nothing to do except wait. Perhaps we would have been a little relieved if we had realized that the client saw the message but could not reply due to busyness.

However, I am not sure how I fully understand your point of view. It would be helpful if the Upwork team could look into the issue.

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Do a forum search on this issue and you'll discover that the overwhelming majority of freelancers would not like this feature implemented. And for very good reason.

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MD Khirul I wrote:

Perhaps we would have been a little relieved if we had realized that the client saw the message but could not reply due to busyness.

But how would you know that? Maybe they haven't replied because they don't like your message? Or maybe they need to speak to somebody else first, or something else... There's countless reasons for not responding right away.

I'd hate for this to be implemented, both as a client and a freelancer. I'm available when I'm available and it's up to me when I read messages or reply to them. I certainly don't want a client (or freelancer) pestering me for a  reply when I'm busy with other stuff or just chilling at the weekend.

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It's not an issue, and the Upwork team is not going to look into it. Decisions were made by an overwhelming majority not to introduce this function. This is not a social media site.


It is supported by professional freelancers, like Jamie, who pointed out a few reasons it's a bad idea. If you bothered to look at the other threads about this you'll see more good reasons. A big one is inexperienced and/or unprofessional freelaners (there's lots of them), who don't know client/freelancer etiquette and would hound their clients incessantly. There are certain types of clients who would abuse this function as well. It's really rather an invasion of privacy,

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