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Miracle Holiday For Our Family

So, yesterday was a rough day, but a happy one. My mother and I had gone out to get some last minute presents for my dad. When we got home, my dad was talking to us, but after about a minute, he went into cardiac arrest. 


I was an EMT for 9 years, so I immediately started CPR. EMS was there in record time and he was trying to breath on his own by the time they arrived. They shocked him three times, as his heart was in V-fib. 


Long story short, he is alive and okay. Making jokes by that night. After they got him off the ventilator, he wanted to come home from the hospital (no way). 


I'm sharing this photo becasue of what it means to me. This is my mom with my dad as we wait for him to wake up and find out if there was any brain damage (there wasn't thanks to quick intervention). It shows that they are each other's lives. They have been together for over 37 years, since they were both 14 years old. For this holiday, we are all together, and that's what matters.


Thank you all and I hope your holiday season is a great one. 


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Shane, what a blessing that you were there and knew what to do!  A very happy holiday to all.

Thank you! We are at the hospital now, but we are together.

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Community Manager

Hi Shane,


I hope your father feels better soon, it's a rough start of the holiday season but it looks like your family's strength will overcome this obstacle. Wishing you happy holidays and sunnier days.

~ Vladimir

Thank you. I am working from the hospital, so thank goodness for wifi.

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Thanks for sharing this Shane. I'm glad you were there to give first-aid (you ROCK!) and I'm wishing for a speedy recovery. Btw you've got awesome parents and yeah, being together with the family is what matters the most. Happy Holidays Smiley Very Happy

Oh Shane... I'm so glad you were there and could help.


Thanks for sharing and reminding us what is important. It is not presents and money and trees and shopping.


It's family and loved ones.

You are absolutely right. We are having a great Christmas simply because he is alive.

I'm glad I was there as well. Sitting at the hospital now as they run tests, but we are all together.

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You are very lucky indeed to have parents that love each other, and love you. May you always stay blessed.

Shane, thank goodness you were there and knew what to do.  Sending you and your family tons of wishes and healing vibes for your Dad's speedy recovery and a very merry holiday. 

Echoing everybody's thoughts Shane. May your family stay the close unit it is for years to come.

Thank you for sharing this story, Shane -- especially with its ultimately happy outcome!


Blessings to all!!

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