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I love every genre of movies. My favorite genre's are horror, scifi, mystery, drama in one. Horror is the most exciting, heart racing, suspense , intriguing movies of them all an I love it. I can binge watch different movies all night an I am very good at reconizing most actors an actresses. The wrong turn movies are one of my favorites, alot of people's opinion on these series are (eww,gross,insest,sick people.) Do you see the real genius, point of the sequels past the insest??. I would love to here everyone's opinion.
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My favorite genre is sci-fi. And sometimes I watch drama.

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Christina, I worked as a background actor/ extra for several years.  The movies I like best are the ones I was in, even though I'm never seen in the final cut.  Doesn't matter how awful the movie was - I remember what was going on, what the actors were like, and usually how much fun I had.  I can spot my friends who made the cut and I can remember how wonderful some of the actors were between scenes.

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Maybe I'm getting old, but movies simply aren't as good as they once were. I rewatch all the 80s movies on Amazon Prime, and in terms of plot, writing, a sense of entertainment and just general coolness they are much better than virtually anything produced nowadays. Most 'entertainment' produced now is either a bunch of CGI characters fighting each other, or a thin hook to hang a simplistic political agenda on - or both, e.g. Micheal Bay, the last few Star Wars films, ect. The idea that you tell human stories with likeable, believable lead characters with the primary idea being to entertain and inspire the audience seems to have nearly disappeared these days.

And don't get me started on horror films! All they are now is a bunch of formulaic CGI jump scares with a feel-bad twist ending that you can generally spot a mile off. In fact, it's like they plan the twist ending to start and then try to make the other 90-odd minutes fit it. Super-hero movies are the worst though. They've gone from teenage boy wish-fulfillment to political propaganda that's practically begging for Oscars. Comedies are awful too.Take out all the swear words and crude sexual references in the average comedy and you'll have about 45 seconds left. 

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I really enjoy watching Hollywood sci-fi and action movies.

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You should watch some if you still not:

I saw the devil


Color Out of Space




The Thing 2011

Jigsaw 2017

The hills have eyes

Taxi Driver (This is one of the best Robert De Niro movies I have seen in my life)



Cabin Fever (2016)

The Sand (2015)

Joker 2019 (Joaquin Phoenix)

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