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On being grandma to a 4-legged dapple...

Chloe the SupervisorChloe the Supervisor

This is Chloe, the dappled miniature dachshund. She is still a puppy. Being a miniature dachshund you would think her start in life was a great one. Not so. She was in foster care for a number of weeks with a friend of my daughter's who is a foster parent. Yes, Chloe was a foster. Why? Because she, her parents, and two siblings were rescued from a puppy mill. My daughter fell in love with her and started the adoption process. Chloe is now part of a family that loves her...and she has an adopted Basset hound mother and Basset hound grandmother (latter also a rescue). Then there is Killer the rescue Yorkie, her 'grandfather' who keeps her in line, and the two rescue German Shepherds (aka "The Girls") who dote on her. 


This little doggy's ending is a happy one. She is spoilt rotten and doted on by humans and her doggy family alike. 


PS>> Chloe loves playing the role of 'supervisor' while grandma (me...duh) works.

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I love dappled doxies!  

Irene, as you know, rescues are the best!  Chloe is just precious. 


We need to see pics of all the little ones romping w/ the two Sheperds ... 🙂

Being a dachshund, Chloe will soon be in charge of all of them.  Such an assertive little breed!

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omg she is sooo cute! I love Dachsies.

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Good for you Irene, she's gorgeous Smiley Happy

Chloe taking centre stage. She is at the vet today for that 'whisper' operation...


Chloe taking centre stage.jpg

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Irene B wrote:

Chloe the SupervisorChloe the Supervisor


PS>> Chloe loves playing the role of 'supervisor' while grandma (me...duh) works.

She doesn't seem to be much of a supervisor, though! Sleeping on the job site!

Luce...I think as long as the keyboard clacks she takes it for granted I am working... Mind you, this is Africa...and that's kinda what supervisors do here...sleep on the job site (true story).

That's rather smart of her to understand that she can supervise the noise without having to open her eyes! Smart dog.

So adorable that I am unable to work!!!

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