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One of the greats in Sales Training.

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John B Member Since: Aug 20, 2015
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"We are all salespeople first".   No one else will be out there selling our services for us.

For those of us a bit past 40, we probably remember John Cleese -- of Monty Python fame.  For those under, John Cleese is one of the comic greats from Great Britain.  His movie, "A Fish Called Wanda" is a scream to watch for many.

As it is, in the 70s (perhaps 80s), Cleese produced a series of sales training videos.  They were bound up into a course, I had my exposure to them in my first sales training in 1986.  Part of a 3-month intensive sales program all new NCR major account salespeople were provided.  It is from one of his videos, the tactic: "Hush up after the deal is won" is featured.

Here's a funny sample of Sales Training, per Cleese. That cassette tape recorder you see in the video is the actual device with which we used to record conversations in sales meetings, "back in the day".  It worked fine.

Enjoy!   (Should this URL not come through, just Google "John Cleese, Customer Service, So you want to be a salesperson)."