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Raise your hand if this reminds you of a client...


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Oh my, yes it does remind me of a few clients. Especially the ones who want multiple revisions well after the agreed upon work has been completed.


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Weirdly, it reminds me of my favorite client, who is famous for saying, "That will take like five minutes, right?"


Took me years to realize he thinks everything takes five minutes because all he has to do is think it up and say it to someone else.

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That was a major factor in Enron's bankruptcy. They gave all rewards to the person who originated the idea, and ignored those who executed it.


Everything looks easy from the outside. In fact, Tiffany, my job is really difficult, but I'll bet yours is easy and anybody could do it. (Joke). I once gave a client a $100K+ proposal; refused, "An Indian engineer will do it for $5K." A year later, after failing to use my SOW and accepting the engineer's, they called me in a panic. It was impossible to complete the project, and their financier (African warlord) had ordered their deaths. No sh*t. I told them to get a time machine and go back a year.


You can get brain surgery done in thirty seconds for $9.95. It's that quick and easy.


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