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Remember to hydrate

One of the things I often forget as a freelancer is to drink my daily water intake. It's essential to our wellbeing and productivity and yet I often forget. Can you relate? 

I am by no means someone who doesn't take care of herself. However it can happen that I am focused on some tasks or getting clients' projects delivered on time that water is the last thing on my mind. Until that is I get thirsty. Which is already too late because that's my body signaling me that it's dehydrated.


Here are some tips I am using to combat this:


• Get at least half a liter drunk before lunchtime 

• Keep my water bottle visible (near my computer or work desk)

• Set a hourly reminder - each time it rings, I drink water


I know this may sound basic knowledge however you might be like me and needing a friendly reminder to drink more water daily.


Hydrating regularly not only helps our body to function properly and efficiently but also boosts productivity. 

Wishing you a well-hydrated day, and may you have a productive week, dear freelancers. 

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Such a great reminder!!


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Gonna leave this one here:

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Thank you. It made me get up and reach for the water bottle - and you are absolutely right!

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Grabbing my cup of water now. 😁

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