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Scammers Know How To Get Money Transferred TO Them

Note in this news article the money transfer methods the scamsters use to have money SENT TO them.


People who turned to Upwork to find freelance gigs say they've lost thousands of dollars to scams (n...

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Scamming happens when you go off-platform before locking down a contract. Never accept money off the platform, no matter the reason. If someone wants to send you money, do it through the system. I often ask new clients for a small deposit when setting up an account. Don't talk to them off the system until the contract is drawn and the first milestone is put down. It's just that simple. Follow the rules and you won't get scammed. Upwork cannot help you if you don't follow the Terms of Service. (Freelancer since 2008)

Yes, Beth, that is all good procedure. (Although merely talking to a fraudulent Upwork "client" off-platform never cost any freelancer any money. It's the resulting sending/paying money that causes trouble.)


But the point of my post was that scammers, unlike Upwork and, therefore, freelancers, don't accept debit or credit cards. They want their marks to send them money via nearly irreversible methods like Zelle and Venmo.

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