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Seeking Suggestions for Client Acquisition Platforms

Hello Upwork Community,

I’m exploring platforms that could facilitate direct client acquisition. If you have any recommendations based on your experience, I would greatly appreciate your insights.

Thank you for your time and assistance.



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Hi, Roshaan. It's an interesting question. What about Upwork?

Hey Dmytro!

I'm just exploring some other options as well. Like LinkedIn, personal branding, etc.

I would appreciate your insights on it.


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Hi, Roshaan, on upwork clients come by themselves for getting their work done. They have already made their mind to work with a freelancer. so, you don't have to work on searching for clients, pitching him and  making up his mind to hire you. upwork also provides escrow protection which gives you peace of mind. working outside is a bit tough and time consuming. it is good for long term.


Thanks, Azhar, for your valuable insights.


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I use my social media footprint of 300,000 LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter users to push to my Upwork Profile. It works.

Yes, William, you said right.
I was thinking about a similar strategy.


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There are more platforms than you might think. My experience with LinkedIn was most of the jobs were from recruiters, but there are good jobs that come through. Facebook has so many scams, I stopped using it. Social media can be hit or miss. You will get a lot of unrelated stuff, but again, there are legitimate jobs that come through. Do some searches for the platforms you want.


You can decide if you want the potential clients to go to a platform or if you want them to come to you directly. There are advantages to keeping the client direct, but if you are dealing with people in other parts of the world, payment, taxes, etc. can be complicated, if you have no experience.


Some freelancers establish websites, but unless you are pushing the site, you won't get a lot of traffic. Never underestimate word of mouth. Old-style still works.  Use business cards or fliers as well as letting people know you are available and what you can do for them. 


Use the ideas you receive to design a plan to move clients to your goal.



Thanks, Jeanne!
I'm developing my strategies. Your thoughts are really valuable to me.


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