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Select a reason options - Reason for ending contract

It would be great if there were an "other" reason in the "select a reason" drop down box when going in to end a contract.


The reasons given are fine, however, my reason doesn't fit in those categories. An other selection, with the ability to write in a reason would be awesome!


Life changes and so do we. The reason we have to end contracts on a freelancer side differs from project to project.


Thanks for the suggestion, Danielle! I'll surely share this with the rest of the team. 

~ Joanne

I really wonder if anyone really cares why we end a contract.  Bless their hearts.

Lovely question, Mary.

I believe feedback, positive or negative can help us all grow.

So when I end a contract and state my reasons. It's up to the client to take it and reflect on it.


Though the client is king, he can be a good king or bad king.
For any successful project, both the client and freelancer require a healthy working relationship.

If this cannot be established, 100% success for both parties cannot be guaranteed.


So I tell them anyway.

If they take it, reflect on it - They will do better on their next project with the next freelancer.


We were not discussing feedback, which is vital information for all.  We were discussing when we end a contract and get to select a reason for ending the contract, i.e. job completed, etc.

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