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Re: Shout out to Bill H.

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Maria T Member Since: Nov 12, 2015
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Hi Bill,
I hope everything goes well and only something "like" that disease.
Follow with the same force as until now.
And tell us.
A big hug!

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Bill H Member Since: Aug 18, 2017
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Marla, virtual hugs are great.

I'm mostly walking without a walker, not using wheelchair much. Still unsure of the extent of loss of cognitive functions, but I seem to think clearer than the average talking head on U.S. news programs. That's why I watch Spanish-language news programs.

Thoughts on getting old: It's inevitable, and the body adjusts. Your sleep needs change, your vision may get better or worse, you suddenly know the names of more diseases than a second year medical student. Your world shrinks, and that's probably OK. I watched it happen with both of my parents, and I think it's a matter of emotional energy. Only so much to go around.

Friends, coworkers, family members start dying in large numbers. A fraternity brother/roommate died thirty years ago from cancer, a high school friend at the same time from heart disease. Another high school friend from lung cancer, a close cousin from diabetes, another close cousin (born-again schizophrenic, much too long a story for the coffee break) from something, a bunch of military buddies from traffic accidents and suicides, my sister's husband who was my greatest friend from liver cancer, the list goes on.

Four of us were best friends in high school; John died in 1988, Mike died in 2008. Ralph and I haven't corresponded in fifty years. A group of fraternity brothers has stayed in contact for nearly half a century, and all of us have been married the entire time. One teacher, one marketer for a vintner's association, a,real estate agent, an assistive device artisan, an LCSW, a whatever I am, one pastor

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Maria T Member Since: Nov 12, 2015
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Hi Bill,
Good to hear from you, and see that you are still so talkative Smiley Happy
I'm glad your mobility is maintained, but don't risk too much.
Your cognitive functions don't seem too affected, but if you keep watching the news, this won't last long. Especially if you see news from Spain, I warn you.

Keep telling us your progress (or setbacks) from time to time.

And don't think too much about those who left. I have also left many people on the road, it is not a matter of age, it is better to think that we are lucky.

Today, a virtual kiss!

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Wendy C Member Since: Aug 24, 2015
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Maria, your last lines just encapsulated why I have a love affair with Spain and all things and people Spanish. 

And don't think too much about those who left. I have also left many people on the road, it is not a matter of age, it is better to think that we are lucky.

Beautifully said.  


True the govt is a mess at the  moment .... too much like the mess in the US ... but we'll all win this seemingly endless battle.  And hopefully learn from it.


Bill, you will always be our favorite curmudgeon in the best of all senses.  How are the books coming?

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Maria T Member Since: Nov 12, 2015
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Thanks Wendy, ¡Eres un encanto!
And the government? How USA? Ha!, there aren't 18 political parties Smiley LOL

And Bill ... BOOKS? in prural?
Luckily you are sick! If not, what would you write? An encyclopedia?

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Bill H Member Since: Aug 18, 2017
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Cara Marla,


Mi esposa virtual tiene problemas con besos virtuales. No la gustan.


Books: I finished one on starting a businesss just before this last bout of fighting illnesses hit. I'm focused on getting a 95,000 word nostalgia novel finished about a 1969-1970 garage band. As a result the coming of age novel about four college seniors going on Spring Break is left at 60% completion, the alredy witten volumes four to nine of an epic, Life of Kyle, maybe 500 pages total describing a young man's two-decade search for love, aren't ready for editing, a mystery, Women of New England, is stuck at about 10% completion, a new procedural/comedy series about the Frankienbuzz Detective Agency is stuck at 20%, and two sequels are just pains in my neck reminding me to do something with them. A reader-requested Volume Four of a trilogy needs a complete rewrite, it took off in a direction I don't like. The sports comedy, The Head Game, is half-written because the first version was taken over by two characters who highjacked it and told a story about dealing with the aftermath of severe trauma.


I don't watch Spanish television, I watch Spanish-language news from Latin America, which is easier to understand than US news which has abandoned journalism for hate-filled division of the US along tribal lines. I watch a tad of BBC, which will cover events in Spain. My dream is to fly to Gran Canaria, put up a tent as living quarters, buy a pub, and enjoy whatever happens.

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Bill H Member Since: Aug 18, 2017
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About ten years ago I discovered one night that I had always known it was up to me to rescue my goddaughter from an abusive relationship. So, I did. Last night I realized I had always known that my time is limited, sooner rather than later. Low single-digit years. I'm comfortable with this. I had the talk with my wife and youngest daughter last night. They need time to process this.


My older daughter and her husband are on a surprise vacation for his birthday. i'll speak with them after Christmas about this. I expect that she will be the one to keep everything together; like me, she's a problem-solver. My son-in-law lost his brother recently; we have a good relationship but I don't expect him to be particularly alert, just like my wife and younger daughter. The practicalities must be addressed.

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Bill H Member Since: Aug 18, 2017
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One of the few things I fear came to pass this evening. I have trigeminal neuralgia, which triggers cluster headaches. Migraine is to cluster headache as bruise is to amputation; trigeminal neuralgia is worse, probably the worst pain a human can experience. Mine is on the left side, although 20 years ago I had an episode on the right side.


The condition is relatively rare, is much more prevalent in women than in men, and bilateral trigeminal neuralgia is exceedingly rare. My neurologist answered my question by saying not to worry about both sides acting up simultaneously, because that's rare. Right.


I got a relatively mild onset on the right side tonight. It's mostly subsided and I'll see a neurologist tomorrow and tell him I need prescriptions for the anticonvulsant cocktail that I titrate up and down to keep it at bay, plus the ergot derivative I use to treat acute attacks. This had been quiet for close to 20 years.


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Mary W Member Since: Nov 10, 2014
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I have cluster headaches twice in my life and I almost prayed to die.  You are correct - they are like migraines on mega-steroids.  All I could do was lie flat on my back - no pillow - with ice on my head and wait it out for a couple of days. 

God bless.  You are getting more than your share of misery.

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Bill H Member Since: Aug 18, 2017
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Band book wound up about 105K words, editor said it needs more info about a couple of topics, but is too long. I love her. Really, I do.


Visiting nurse today told me I am in end stage COPD. She is preparing me for a transition to hospice. I respect her, love her to death, she's knowledgeable, smart, good judgment, but I think on that front she's rushing things. Yes, I'm in the early stage of the final chapter and headed toward death. Such is life. Aisha still hasn't figured out she can be blunt with me. I have no effective filters, and respond well to people who just tell me stuff. I told her I don't care what she tells me as long as it's the truth.


I might live to see the first openly gay President. He won't be the first one, just the first open one. Buchanan, 15th President. We've had a disabled President and a mixed-race President. I don't care whom he (bleeps) so long as it isn't the voters.


Some days my wife has to button my shirts. I've begun seeing hallucinations, which I recognize as such. If I ever get to the point of not realiizing they are imaginary, I'll fly to Europe and find a country that will allow assisted suicide. I am my brain.