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Some Clarification Please

I have been in a status of perpetual confusion for the last three weeks. Much of 2013 was great and the opportunities i got were wonderful and i will forever remain grateful for the oDesk service. However,for the past few weeks oDesk has been hell for me. For each of the job that i have applied, i have received neither a 'job declination' notice nor a reply for my job application. In short,the applications just 'sit there'on the sent applications section. I am not really sure of what happens to my applications once i hit the apply button. To add salt to my fresh injury, for about four weeks now i have not received a single interview for any job that i am qualified for. Parallel this to the better part of 2013, where i on average was receiving at least 3 to 4 invitations to interviews on a weekly basis. To find a solution to my persistent heart ache on the issue, I browsed around and got to hear about a recent oDesk development of 'Auto Hiding Applicants'.I decided to follow on the new guidelines and even contacted oDesk support. Following, advice from support,i consequently fixed my profile and made sure i crafted comprehensive answers to the additional questions provided on job ads. Unfortunately, all my efforts have bore no fruits. I am still in the state of darkness with my future being uncertain. It is rather sarcastic that oDesk has me in the list of the top 10% oDesk contractors yet at the moment i feel like a newbie who just stumbled upon the website! I am really not sure, if i am going to get a definite response to this, but i figured it out that some oDesk users/ forum moderators might be able to at least shade some light on my concerns so that i can get my freelancing career back on track and duck the bullet of poverty that seems to have my name engraved on it. Thanks in Advance Update --------- The issue seems to be fixed. Many Thanks to oDesk Support