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Special night tonight

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John B Member Since: Aug 20, 2015
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By sheer good luck, I was retained on a project to write an Investment Prospectus. A project that needs the skillsets of my 2018-2019 mentee and 2020-2021 mentee.   Both are now engaged in one project.

These young men from India are in it for real now.   Investment Prospectus are written to garner Angel Capital, there is six figures in cash investment in the hunt, and they are smack dab in the middle of U.S. business environments.

I know I cannot break the will of Dr. S/2018 to succeed. I tried, he handled the top level of business pressure I could place upon him.  Now it is Mr. J's/2020 turn.  I am curious to learn if I can break his will to succeed.  I am curious if he can withstand the pressure I place upon my mentees.

We started by a quick review of his U.S. counterparts.   Mr. J would easily handle a Snr Consulting position with any of the Big Three consultancies (or Big Four, i.e. Price, Ernst, KPMG, Deloitte.

I show them how much their U.S. counterpart earns.  $80k plus bonus, three years out of school.  Divide by four, maybe five, that is his top-end earnings potential.  I want them to know.  They did not get it fair, by sheer virtue of their zip code of birth.   I want them hungry for success, I want them mad enough to chew through skill to succeed.

This is how top-in-class young people are mentored in the way all are, in Big Four practices.  Survive, top-in-class.

So that's the update on my mentee position you saw me take in late December.  "Do what we say, say what we do'.

Join me, in finding young Upworkers.  Take one under your wing, if you currently have not.  Possible, if you wish to make it so.