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Team responsible for Upwork customer support.

I'm so impressed by the quality of the customer support here, that I want the team responsible for it to do customer supoort for my platform. How can I contact them?


Hi Wouter,


I'm glad to hear you're happy with the service you've received from the Customer Support team! Sadly, we don't have a process where you would be able to hire our agents for your platform.


That said, we are very humbled by your feedback, and look forward to continue improving the level of service you receive. Thanks for taking the time to express it here!

~ Luiggi

I would like to know who Wouter contacted and how he went about it. 

Upwork USED to have bar none the best customer service on the planet, but I thought they jettisoned the phone support system. Am I wrong about that?

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Was that sarcasm?

Sahan (Unofficial Nickname)
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I definetly miss the phone and chat support. The forum support is very good, no doubt about that but phone / chat is gone. I do feel that the support tickets are answered in a timelly manner.

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