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The Ballad of a Night Owl

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Daverly C Member Since: Feb 7, 2019
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Hello everyone,


I'd like to share my poem (Already posted on my LinkedIn and facebook though)

The Ballad of a Night Owl


The more I embrace that part of me - a night owl and a half silly

The quicker my acid make my tummy growl and feel a lil' chilly

But, no I'm not whining - the night is my sanctuary

when everybody is tucked warmly, I am up - my mind is jolly


The words are coming after me, so I need to seal them up quickly

the colors are getting back, my nerves are all happy

This flow, this melody, this rhyme, feel like I'm rappin' freely

But, no, an ODE maybe - and another step to wordsmithing proudly


Coffee in my veins and how I chug them down proves 'em I'm thirsty

the letters are sealed down before, caged so it won't come out fully

The ideas are running now, unlike when I am a wholesome folly

Better keep things up and refine me, so to be of service efficiently


To my future comrades, this is my ode to you - a freelancer from Phili'

To my future clients, let's vow deeply on quality paralleled by the quantity

I may not be good enough for some, I am always aware of it and let it go truly

So, let's get connected to the best of results, though we sat on our own balcony.