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The Journey of a Careless Boy to a Mature Person

Life is not the same for everyone. Some were born with a GOLDEN SPOON, and some are still finding SILVER SPOON. 

I will tell you how I became a mature person from a careless person. 

I come from a middle-class family, and after my mother's death, my brothers and sisters raised me with the utmost care, love and support. 

Regardless of the situation, they supported me. 

Whatever I asked of them in terms of financial assistance, qualifications, and a better life, they provided. 

I was spending money on some useless things like shopping, hoteling, parties etc. 

I was unaware of the hard work behind this.

After I completed my studies, I learned that their support involves a lot of effort that they have invested in me to make me stand out. 

I promised myself when I started my first job that I would give them whatever I earned.

It was 10k when the first amount was sent to them.

And now I send far more than that, Alhamdulilah. 

Now I Know My Responsibilities.

Moral: Never forget the person who spent time, finance and support growing you up.

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Hi, Amir. It's an interesting way. Thank you

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Morals that everyone needs to remember.

Yes, strongly agree!

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This what moral values entail. Remember people whom at a point were able to help you regardless of the help.


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