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The eternal struggle between mind and self

Technology has become the dominant mind of manSuppose that all designs and software are the decision of everyone who is based on these inventions to turn against manHow will humanity be after that?

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Judging by the present world situation, humanity is not in such good shape in any case. Human to human, human to animal, and human to planet cruelty is inbred. Technology can only speed up a process that has already evolved into an instrument of self-destruction. 

Nichola, I'm stunned, scared, depressed, shocked, appalled, and even crushed to hear myself say this, but I totally agree with you.


I'm not shocked to agree with you ... I'm shocked because of how startled and saddened I am about where things are headed. 

"is inbred" I think is more accurate than the contextualization of the rest of your statement. "is not in such good shape" and "already evolved into" both suggest that we were better off at some point. We are the only remaining Homo * species because we were the most destructive. Nothing has changed except for the scale, which is now global.

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