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There are a lot of difficulties for freelancers too, I have divided some

1.     Fluctuating income: When freelancing, income can be unstable and unexpected due to the pace of work and new orders.

2   . Time management: Freelancers need to have a sense of their work schedule, which can lead to problems with time management and productivity.

3.     Stress and Isolation: Working from home can lead to transportation and lack of social support, which can increase stress levels.

4.     The need for self-improvement: Freelancing requires constant development and identifying your skills in order to remain useful.

5.      Lack of stable benefits: Freelancers are not provided with standard benefits such as paid vacation, health insurance, etc.

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Yes, you mentioned the right difficulties, but if a freelancer really wants to be successful, he or she doesn't face such difficulties; they just want to do all these things to gain success and to earn their main income.

Well, yes, If it's all easy to carry, then you're a good freelancer.

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As a freelancer, we may not have access to the same stable benefits that traditional employees often receive. Sometimes things get complicated.

I think the most importnant thing is time. you have to manage it well.

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Fluctuating income has always been difficult during the 25 years I have been freelancing. When the times are good, save your money and everything works its way out.

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Invest your money in other things. Build Tools, Software, Blogs, anything. When things get tough with freelancing, you have more consistent payments coming in from multiple sources. You can also do offline investments like rentals, pay off your home asap and other things!

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I think fluctuating income might be the hardest part for new freelancers; especially if you don't have savings or other work opportunities to turn to.


Like William and Samer mentioned, when freelancing is good,  save money, diversify, and explore other opportunities. When things slow down, freelancing income can be unpredictable and remain unstable for a while.

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