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This email just made my day :)


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Over 14,000 unread emails in your inbox. Hahaha!

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No, in Gmail the inbox in red is the default and shows how many emails you've got in all, not unread emails only. You have to go to the dropdown menu for those. The first line of unread emails is bold black.  😉

Interesting because my Inbox number is, indeed, the total count of emails I have not yet read. 

Perhaps one can set it. Google changes so often, that it is ages since I even looked at my settings. My inbox shows about 2500 emails and all have been read (if not replied to :().

When you type "is:unread" in the search box you can see the total number of unread emails :Smiley Happy


Smiley EmbarassedSmiley EmbarassedSmiley Embarassed I need a break. I am not going to say how many emails I have in my account (thousands), but you are right - the red inbox is the unanswered ones. She hangs her head in shame and walks away. If I were a dog my ears would be down and my tail between my legs . . . Smiley Embarassed

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That 14,000 unread is making my teeth itch!

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