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Thoughts and prayers to those on the Gulf regarding Tropical Storm Barry

Thoughts and prayers to those on the Gulf regarding Tropical Storm Barry

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It's a cat 1. Basically, a free day off of work and parties. No biggie.

Appears that it could potentially become one though.



yeah, they always make it out to be a big deal. People in FL are dumb enough to live in trailors, so they take pics of them losing their homes. Well duh, having a trailor in FL is dumb.


But the media sensationalizes everything. A cat 1 hurricane is no big deal. But it is a free day off of work, so there is that. I remember the New Yawwwwkers gettin all panicky when a cat 1 hurricane was coming. I did nothing to prepare and would just LOL at them. My ex bf would go surfing right before a hurricane. You gotta be from there to know that it's no big deal.

Actually, the folks who need thoughts and prayers are in New Orleans and the lower Mississippi valley. The river is already at 16 feet (8-10' above normal for this time of year) because of the flooding across the Midwest earlier in the year. New Orleans already got 9 inches of rain this week and Barry is going to dump about 10 inches on top of that. They're expecting the river to crest at 19', the highest since 1950 and second highest ever. The combination of high river, rain, and storm surge is going to be pretty bad. Parish areas outside major levees have issued mandatory evac orders.


BTW, I grew up in deep SW Georgia above the Florida Panhandle and now live there again, and have always been pretty sanguine about anything smaller than Cat 3. Especially 100+ miles inland, the storms just don't have that much punch by the time they reach us, at least historically. After Michael, my entire perspective has changed. It was still a Cat 3 when it got this far and this area will be recovering for years to come. And it scared the bejeesus out of me while it was happening. These are not our grandmothers' hurricanes!

Well, I live in Biloxi which will get hit by a lot of rain.  I'm out of town and was due to fly to New Orleans tomorrow but I've bumped it back to Sunday.  I also re-routed so that I change planes in DC.  If my connecting flight gets screwed up, my niece is on standby to put me up for the night.


This is going to be a rain event, not a wind event, and it looks like it's going to move through pretty quickly.  Biloxi needs the rain anyway.  I think we had a Cat 1 last year and it was nothing much.


I am more worried about the Mississippi River issue than anything else but there isn't much to be done at this point.  I understand that they have sandbagged the lower levees.

hahahaha This was posted on r/drama and I thought of this thread.




eta: scroll down to the Nawwwwleans residents living it up like us South Floridians when people are all "OMG HURRICANE" hahaha

Psychology of warnings: Why do people ignore important weather alerts? (AccuWeather article)




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