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To Double The Charity

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Gayane P Member Since: Jun 20, 2020
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Hi Dear Community.


As a freelancer, I want to do charity. My country is in a state of war, I want to help my country. There are companies that double or triple the charitable fund of their employees/freelancers. (Google, Netflix, Bank of America). Does UpWork have such opportunities?
Thank you.


(Dear UpWork staff please correct the location of the topic, I think it is not a topic about New To UpWork, thanks)

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Yes. Upwork provides opportunities for charity. You may use a client account to hire freelancers to provide charitable service.


For example, you could hire freelancers to create a website that you post online which allows low-income students to apply to receive scholarships from a foundation that you create. You could hire financial experts on Upwork to set up the bank account to and financial vehicles at the core of your foundation.


But Upwork does not provide charitable matching funds in the precise manner that you asked about.


Upwork doesn't need to. Upwork already provides more good to places around the world than 99.9+% of the actual charities in the world. If you went to most communities around the world in which there are freelancers earning money through Upwork, and there are some traditional charities operating, and if you asked the people on the community to choose which organizations to keep and which to get rid of... most communities would want to keep Upwork as one of their favorite organizations.

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Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Gayane,


Upwork doesn't have a program that would match freelancers' contributions to non-profits of their choosing. However, Upwork Foundation has been doing a lot of work around funding and supporting non-profits around the world. For more information check out this page.

~ Valeria