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ToS violation offered in Project Catalog

I guess everyone who is a regular to the forum also takes a look at the profiles of the freelancers that come here to share their problems. But sometimes a seemingly innocent request makes me digg a bit deeper.


Personally I started to hate the Project Catalog after I have been told that I cannot use my logo because it is too much text (2 words: my name + Translation) while this is allowed:

Screenshot 2022-02-13 at 13-44-21 Results for translation .png


Anyway, another post regarding the Project Catalog made me go into the ToS of YouTube , Instagram, and Twitter.

Considering my experience above where someone has taken time to review my project (comming up with new excuses why it was turned down, everytime I proved that the reason given would not hold) I cannot help but wonder how this, this or this are even possible.



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On the one hand, I have looked at translation projects out of curiosity, and you are right, why are they allowing images that are only or almost entirely text and not allowing yours?


I don't think that Youtube, Twitter and Tiktok like it very much that these jobs are being allowed here.


In my field, I have looked at projects and I have marked some because the samples they use are stolen, as in their profiles on the other hand, and in the end I have stopped doing it. IT'S NO USE.

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People at Upwork who are in charge of vetting these projects are
**Edited for Community Guidelines**

"Where darkness shines like dazzling light"   —William Ashbless
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Jennifer and others,

I'd like to reiterate that while in general, we allow projects that offer an organic approach to SEO (use of ads, engagement, etc,) we have shared concerns you've expressed about these type of projects with the team and they'll be reviewed.
The best course of action to report profiles, job postings or projects that are inappropriate and may be violating Upwork TOS is to flag them directly and privately to the team for a review. Community shouldn't be used to publicly identify persons and companies in accusation of misconduct or wrongdoing or discuss TOS violations of specific users . It is not the purpose of the Community and is against the Community Guidelines.
~ Valeria

Someones' projects have been flagged for obvious breach of many social networks' TOS. We'll see if Upworks walks the talk.

"Where darkness shines like dazzling light"   —William Ashbless

Please! Close and delete this topic and message thread!  

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The original topic was about one issue, now it proves something that is not true!






To confirm my words, I cite the official paid services of all the social networks mentioned by her, of which there are much more that officially provide advertising services!

**Edited for Community Guidelines**

Just like graphic editors buy an Adobe Photoshop license, and then use it and sell services, the same structure is in advertising!

**Edited for Community Guidelines**


You can officially buy whatever you want! THIS IS NOT illegal !!!!
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Google ads.pngTwitter ads followers engagements .pngTwitter ads.pngInstagram ads .pngInstagram ads and eng.png



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I cannot help but wonder how this, this or this are even possible.  


I can tell you, how this is "possible", all you neeed to read, maybe you didn't see yet and it made you go into https://ads.google.com


There are a lot of explanations how to promote videos, web, all other stuff as social networks. If you do not have knowledge in the world of advertising, then it is not necessary to consider everything as infringement and spam. Although, I'm not saying it doesn't exist.
Read the Upwork rules, then you will understand why your image does not fit the generally accepted standard.


Here is an example of how it works, for the future

youtube .pngyoutube 2.pngyoutube 3.png


1. I was told my image contained

a) too many words (two words),

b) a logo I do not own (it was my own), and

c) not associated with translation, when it literally said translation.


2. I do not need google ads to read the Upwork ToS and understand that offering this is a ToS violation.

I'm not seeing an Upwork ToS violation here.

Maybe this helps:




The following are examples of uses that are prohibited on or when using the Services:
  • Seeking, offering, promoting, supporting, or endorsing services, content, or activities that:
    • are defamatory, illegal, violent, profane, vulgar, threatening, unlawfully discriminatory, pornographic, obscene, sexually explicit in nature, or involve or relate to child exploitation of any kind;
    • would violate the intellectual property rights, such as and including copyrights, of another person, entity, service, product, or website;
    • would violate Upwork’s Terms of Service, the terms of service of another website, or any similar contractual obligations;



Engagement and metrics

You can’t artificially inflate your own or others’ followers or engagement.
This includes:

  • selling/purchasing Tweet or account metric inflation – selling or purchasing followers or engagements (Retweets, Likes, mentions, Twitter Poll votes);
  • apps – using or promoting third-party services or apps that claim to add followers or add engagements to Tweets;
  • reciprocal inflation – trading or coordinating to exchange follows or Tweet engagements (including but not limited to participation in “follow trains,” “decks,” and “Retweet for Retweet” behavior); and
  • account transfers or sales – selling, purchasing, trading, or offering the sale, purchase, or trade of Twitter accounts, usernames, or temporary access to Twitter accounts.


I am not interested in Upwork becoming the SEO police.

I answered in detail about Twitter, Instagram and others, about subscribers, likes and so on above
I don’t understand why she causes enmity, panic and negativity about something that she has nothing to do with. 


Someone of these just sent an illegal complaint about my profile and I got a warning and the project was deleted!!!!  It hasn't even been 1 day. 


Now I have to prove my case there!

I don't understand why they have so much hatred and envy?

Jennifer R wrote:

Maybe this helps:




Twitter:Engagement and metrics

Read above ! "That 100% helps" 


I would appreciate it, either you show which of these advertising services are illegal, or I expect an apology






Upwork TOS does not prohibit SEO work.


Upwork TOS does not prohibit freelancers from working on on jobs intended to help clients get found on Instagram or Twitter or Google, etc.


People have complained about academic cheating, such as when a college student who may be studying to become a doctor hires a freelancer to do her homework for her.


I understand why there are Upwork users who would be upset by that and report that.


People have pointed out that Upwork explicitly supports Amazon.com TOS and I understand supporting Amazon.com's efforts to eliminate fake product reviews.


But these things are not in the same category as SEO.


Forum moderator Valerie has already weighed in on this, in this very thread.


Nobody needs to point to Upwork’s TOS clause about OTHER SITE'S TOS, and then point to specific clauses in a social media company TOS and apply their own interpretations and attack legitimate work other Upwork freelancers are doing in SEO.


This is not in the same category as academic cheating or Amazon.com fake reviews.

It's like complaining that "professional wrestling is fake." All of SEO work and advertising and marketing is essentially silly, but so is everything that Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc. do. It's all silly. It's all about clicks and views and ads. But these are industries that people are working in. Let them.

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This thread has been closed from further comments. As I mentioned in my earlier post on this thread, we will not be discussing TOS violations of specific users here in the Community.

~ Valeria
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