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Kathy T wrote:

A miracle --- Overnight, without me doing anything, I've developed new skills, and qualifications that I didn't even now I posessed. I have received from talent specialists 2 new jobs I can apply to.


1  Final Cut Pro Videos to Adobe Premiere Pro and the do some editing to the content of the video.  


2 Still event photographer in Naperville, IL (USA)  Digital DSLR camera (Canon or Nikon) with 24-70 2.8 VR or equivalent. Lite Panels and- monopod or tripod.


I guess I now have Adobe Premiere Pro and know how to work with Final Cut Pro videos. I should look around my house too, because I suppodesly have a digital DSLR camera either a Cannon or Nikon ir 24.70 2.8 VT (whatever that is) Lite Panels and a monopod or tirpod stashed somewhere, Maybe out in the shed in the back yard? I also don't live in Naperville IL, 

(Perhaps I should update my profile to include these skills?)


Nice to hear an update on how those well-trained talent specialists are doing ...