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Top Rated Freelancers* (share your feeling with us if you are a top rated freelancer)

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Mariska P Member Since: Apr 27, 2015
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If I get there then I will most likely not be as excited as when I accumulated so many kudos..... basically top rated doesn't mean the freelancer is better than anyone. They just met the criteria. All I need is 2% more in JS, and some more money and I'm top rated. That doesn't mean anything to me really. All I want is to earn a living. 



Great news! You are almost top rated!

Requirements for this exclusive program include:

  • 90%+ Job Success
  • $1,000+ 12-month earnings
  • No policy violations
  • 100% complete profile
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Lucia G Member Since: Nov 13, 2009
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I fully agree with the replies of most of my Top Rated colleagues.  I am very happy for having reached this status.  However, I don´t get new contracts.  This is very discouraging. 


Is there something we can do to change this situation?


Or is Upwork willing to help us?