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Abinadab A Member Since: Sep 26, 2016
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Sanja D wrote:
I usually check the site first and then go to community link in the footer to see what's new here... and - a few days ago I noticed the change in color scheme of the site - they somehow managed to introduce another color that looks even worse that their corporate green - or just looks bad with their corporate green, lol. dear UW - can you go back to grey footer please?

Gosh, just had another look and it looks like they eventually changed back to grey?

Omg, it stayed the hideous green and I kinda got used to it and got colour blind and now think it's the gray?

Nah, it must have gone back.

It went back to grey.

This shows that if you whine enough about something @Upwork, Upwork will finally come to terms with their insanity and change it back.

Just make sure you create a dedicated thread for it and gather some kind of critical mass.