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Upwork is not dead ...

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I need 350 words written in a humorous tone, it doesn't all have to be humorous.

It's for a toilet paper brand, the words are to be written on 6 wrappers and a box, The mission is for clean energy using poo, so it could be related to that, I also have some inspiration I could provide and ideas to start you off with.

If interested, please send me 1 sentence as an idea reflecting the above.

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Wipe away the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary – our toilet paper not only pampers your behind but also champions a cleaner future, turning your bathroom into a renewable energy powerhouse, one flush at a time!

Now I realize I should have challenged everyone to come up with that sample sentence that the posting calls for. "Wipe away the ordinary." You must be a professional copywriter. That's not a bad start.

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Is that really a client post? Are they being serious are just goofing off?

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Hi, Anthony. It's an interesting challenge. Something from me:
- You have spend a certain energy to do this, don't worry, it won't go away.
- You start, we continue
- It can be a memory, it can be energy


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Rolls of Power: Because Your Poo is Priceless!

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Excretion Energy: escape earth's extinction.

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