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What Happened to Rene's Thread?

What Happened to Rene's Thread on the Orlando shootings?


Vlad told me that he had to remove it because some answers were going off-limits. I hadn't the chance to read all the answers before the thread was deleted, but I can imagine that it could have derailed somehow...

"Where darkness shines like dazzling light"   —William Ashbless

It was really very civilized, unless something happened after Wendy's post.  

Wrong - it's wrong! These acts have nothing whatsoever to do with religion or any beliefs - and we should be allowed, at least, to sympathize with the people in Orlando (and we should not forget 9/11).


That poor, dignified mother, who got a text from her son begging her to call the police because he was going to die . . . If we are not allowed to react against this sort of barbarism then we are, in effect, condoning it. 



Edited to take out what they might not have liked.


Mighta been my comment about children. I posted that right after Wendy's post.

Considering the circumstances it seems to me that U. would have been best served by editing and/or deleting the specific comment rather than the entire thread.


Even a reminder to behave like adults would have been more fitting than removing a sympathy thread.


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