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What are you thankful for? (work related)

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Dianne M Member Since: Jul 25, 2013
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Hello everyone!


This is not about thanksgiving haha. Anyways, I know lots of us rant about bad clients and headache-inducing freelancers in the forums, not to mention the mad robots but let's be honest, we won't still be here if we are not thankful for some great clients and people we work with.


I'm thankful for finding some great freelancers and clients in here (and elsewhere). There's this one freelancer (a kid) whose work I almost never have to check because he does such a great job. There's also this client (not from here though) who gave me the equivalent of 1 week's full pay as bonus for a job well done.


Now you all know why I got hours to spend on the forum this week haha! 


I'm thankful for all the friendships made with past clients and freelancers this year.


I'm also thankful for being able to work in my pajamas while I munch on cereal all day as an online freelancer. In my BM work, I travel all the time and have to power dress (think ultra corporate and being in killer heels all day). Its fun to have some downtime and still be able to work from home.


How about you? What are you thankful for about being a freelancer/online entrepreneur? Plrase do share Smiley Happy

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Garnor M Member Since: Oct 29, 2014
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I'm thankful for you, our active Community participants. Your passion, energy and activity helps us thrive. 

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Natacha R Member Since: Aug 2, 2010
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I'm thankful for oDesk, I truly mean this Smiley Happy

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Stephen B Member Since: Dec 4, 2012
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"I'm thankful for oDesk, I truly mean this"


So am I, and so do I - which is why we (me anyway) spend so much time on here complaining about it - because  we all deserve it to be better (and it deserves to be better).


Back to the original question - the brilliant experience and interaction with all different kinds of people around the world. Yesterday I received in the post a gift of a guide book/journey log of a three-week unsupported trek into the Australian wilderness. 300 pages with photographs, and a fascinating, enthralling read that takes you into a wonderful part of the world. It has pride of place on my "coffee table" collection. And in the blurb in the back, my name against the bit that says "Editor"


Things like this are priceless.


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Dianne M Member Since: Jul 25, 2013
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I'm thankful for oDesk as well and I agree that those who rant/post the most are often the same ones who cares the most as well. I'm mostly a lurker in other forums/fora; but in here, I find a lot of genuine and interesting people who are so generous with their time, expertise, and criticism Smiley Happy


With oDesk, it's like having a kid brother who you both love and hate at the same time. Things are not the same anymore as when we all started but we long for things to be the same as before...but hey, I guess that's why we are so emotionally invested! It's like being in an abusive relationship haha!


Oh and before I forget, I'm thankful for the forum regulars. It's like having a family especially for loners like me in a foreign country.

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Lyam B Member Since: Nov 3, 2014
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I'm still a baby in oDesk's eyes, but I have a lot to be thankful for.


I'm thankful that oDesk is here. I've tried other websites and I can honestly say oDesk has been my best experience. I'm also thankful for my clients giving me an opportunity (especially those who gave me a chance at the beginning before I had any credibility or feedback). I'm also thankful for oDesk helping me start up a business idea I've had for a very long time.


 I came to Spain with savings that would last me around 8 months, but because of oDesk, I've been able to replenish my savings and then some. 

Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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I am thankful to have a job that allows me to communicate with great people from all over the world and help them as much as I can.


I am also thankful for threads like this one! Smiley Very Happy

~ Valeria
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Marissa S Member Since: Feb 6, 2008
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I am thankful for the internet revolution and the geniuses behind it... for none of the great stuff mentioned here would ever be possible without the Web Smiley LOL

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Dianne M Member Since: Jul 25, 2013
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Sure thing! I don't know where will I be without the internet Smiley Happy

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John B Member Since: Feb 20, 2009
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Back in early 2009 I found oDesk, I had kept hearing about work from home jobs and had some local gigs where they let me work from home after a short qualifying period, so I thought I would give oDesk a try.


I started off and for a very long time was on very low hourly rates compared to what I was getting locally.  When I told my friends and family about it, they distinctly told me it was a complete waste of time and that I was selling myself short. 


A few months after I found oDesk I joined Elance and found it even harder to get jobs on Elance.


After slogging it out for years on low rates on both sites I was gradually able to increase on average the rate I was getting.  Fast forward almost 6 years later and I have found some wonderful clients and some great jobs that pay well. I was able to expand my skillset along the way. 


I had one contract recently around $27 and they said I had expert skills.  Another company found me for similar job and I was able to get $55, doubling my rate for that skill in the space of a few weeks.  My profile is an awesome example of getting your foot in the door and then making the most of the opportunity.  I believe there is no limit on how much you can earn, it only takes one company saying your an expert and then the money will flow. 


I am now targetting the Fortune 500 companies as a lot of people are saying I am an expert so why not upsize?!?!  I already have contracts with some big USA companies why not target the biggest ones.  


Now when I tell my family how much I am earning they are amazed and are so happy for me.  Most of my friends are jealous now that I am a certified digital nomad and earning double what they do and can work from anywhere any hours that I choose.  One of my mates here keeps saying no Australian company can pay those big US dollars, it makes me feel  **bleep** good. 


These days I am building my reputation on about 10 different websites.  I love any website that allows you to build a public profile that you can show off to everyone!  


The typical IT worker in Brisbane only has a Linkedin profile.  The majority of people here do not even know about oDesk and Elance.  Now these days when I apply for local work I don't need a local reference as I just point them to my online profiles where hundreds of  people are saying I am awesome.


At the moment the AUS - US exchange rate is very favourable for me.  I am getting about 18% more money. 


I feel like I have been at the forefront of the digital work revolution and thats all thanks to oDesk and Elance.


High Five oDesk!!!


Fist Bump Elance!!!


As always - Onwards and Upwards!!!