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What is 'Your' Recommended tools and resources?

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Can anyone describe their favorite tools or resources that have helped boosted your productivity?



My favorite tools are 'research engines' SEO, Artificial Language websites even 'Google' or 'Bing'.

Resources would be: Joining clubs, networking, researching topics of Upwork jobs online - interesting.



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Jasper, ChatGPT, and Bard.

Thank you William but I cannot accept any forms of AIs that I have to pay for such as 'Jasper.' - This one is 'not' free.

I do currently utilize 3 ChatGPTs as open-sourced AI language models.

I cannot ask for the appropriate amount of funds that I am actually worth. Due to a cap. (Read my profile, please)

I will investigate the last one listed. Thank you.



What do you mean by a "cap"?


We can all bill what we want per hour as freelancers.

A 'Cap' William, refers to how much money I am allowed to receive monthly that I have to report to the US Government.

There is a certain amount of money that the Government has instructed me to accept.

The certain amount is called: 'a cap on income'.

Yes. All other freelancers can bill their clients whatever amount per hour or milestone as they wish.

I cannot - due to 'the cap on income'.

This original conversation was meant to be a 'Discussion' not looking for solutions.

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