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What is the most amazing ideal way to wake up in the morning?.

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Christina B Member Since: Nov 5, 2020
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I know everyone going to have really similar an really different replies to this subject im writing about. My ideal of the most amazing way to wake up in the morning I only wish could be an every morning routine. (I am not a morning person.) My everyday dream wake up is the sun shining in the window just enough to feel the warmth but not enough to blind you. The fresh smell of coffee while on ur way to take ur morning pee. I love hazelnut or mocha coffee with my first cigg of the morning on gmas swing back an forth with my feet sliding in the fresh morning dew. The best part of all this i just said is the silence of no voices talking to loud or to much while some people still wiping the sleeper dust out there eyes an no negative vibes in the air. This is just a dream.
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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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You really like your ciggs and coffee, friend. I coffee and workout and chad post defending the internets from the very winphobic posts online. It's time for the winphobic posts to stop and I read this forum and I'm literally shaking at the systemic hate against us winners.

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Mary W Member Since: Nov 10, 2014
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Walking up to the sound of waves.

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Nichola L Member Since: Mar 13, 2015
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I have no option, but I'm glad to have my four-legged friend telling me it is time  to let him out. This involves a lot initial paw movements that become more insistent and totally ignore the

"Gerroff fimormints" plea. 

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Marcus C Member Since: Feb 7, 2016
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i'm a vampire

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Varun G Member Since: Dec 11, 2019
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The best way to wake up is with at least one invite and one offer in your phone notifications

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Richard F Member Since: Sep 9, 2009
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Waking up with the assurance my Upwork clients are happy and I have my cash flow covered

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Heather N Member Since: Nov 13, 2020
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As a resident of Downtown Los Angeles, I'm happy to simply wake up at all at this point.  Ideally, I'd wake up to peace and quiet (no construction noises at 6:45 a.m.), with my fuzzy, 4-legged partner-in-crime making biscuits on my back.  She's almost 18-years-old, so every day with her is a blessing.  It's the simple things.

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John R. C Member Since: Jan 30, 2017
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My ideal way to wake up would be to the distant and soft sounding holler of baboons becoming increasingly louder. In between the melodic hollering of the baboons announcing the new day, I'd notice the gentle sound of the stream steadily flowing by. As I start warming up, I'd open my eyes and see the first streaks of light through the mist cloud. As the hollering ceases; the sun would begin its majestic trek upwards, beating the mist back through the forest line.


....and then I'd check my phone.

If you can't tell, I like the outdoors. Happy holidays everyone.

Picture by a local photographer

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Mikko R Member Since: Dec 26, 2015
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Nothing beats waking up to the sound of coconuts. 😉