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What is your Skillset?

I am a Full Stack Internet Marketer (PPC, CRO, SEO, etc) but I like to put more of an emphasis on PPC.


What is your Skill Set? or do you have a Skill Set you are trying to improve on?

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Video editing, audio engineering, some graphic design.

That is great. I will eventually need a video editor!

Any help you need let me know, Samer. Just reach out when you're ready.

Sounds Good - Thank You!

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Marketing and Sales Strategy. Have a great day!

Love it. I focus a lot on startegy and than implementation. Have an amazing day!

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Website Design and Development

Awesome, I am a huge fan of Wordpress and Shopify!

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My skillset is business plan writing, management consulting, business consulting, operational plans, strategic marketing, marketing strategy creation, QuickBooks advisor, Zoho customization and implementation, financial modeling, valuation, investor pitch deck creation and review, accounting, and social media marketing

Lots of amazing talent!

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