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What is your productive way of using devices together?

I have an Android and Windows device.

Are there productive ways of using these devices togther in our day to day work apart from switching to Apple ecosystem?

Transfer files, pick up from where you stopped when watching YouTube tutorials on phone and PC, Google meet calls from phone on PC, etc.

Would like to hear your recommendations on the same.  

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I love using the phone link feature between my Android and Windows devices. It's very nice getting notifications from my phone as they come in, so I'm not constantly going back and forth between devices. Plus, with many Samsung phones you can use the screenshare feature to use apps from the phone directly on the PC, which is pretty cool. Aside from that, I've installed certain messaging apps that are available natively, eg, Skype, WhatsApp, etc., on both devices so it's seamless to handle messages or calls wherever I am. I use Google Drive and OneDrive for most of my file management, and there are apps for both ecosystems for those as well. When it comes to something like the YouTube tutorial example you mentioned, I would just go to my history and resume the video from there or save it to a playlist, watch later list, etc. All in all, I'm really pleased with my setup between Android and Windows and haven't felt like I'm missing anything significant by not being in the Apple ecosystem.

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