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What was/is the happiest thing...

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...that happened to you since you became a freelancer? Both part time and full time. 


For me, so far I didn't have to mess with the awful traffic in the city. Not to mention how it's the rainy season over here and, well, it's rare if you got to work on time AND dry.

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Coincidentally, I am also grateful that I didn't have to do with the traffic. The happiest thing I believe it is a good paying long-term client that I have now under my sleeve.

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Traffic, yes yes! So glad I don't deal with that. Out in the burbs, there aren't many local jobs. I worked in the city for about 2 years a while ago. I was late every day. Boss yelled at me every day. I rolled my eyes every day. lol Sometimes, I would leave a few minutes early and then the train would stop traffic and I was late anyway. lol 


Now I just tell the recruiters no jobs in the city.


The other one is when it rains in the morning and I don't have to drive in it. 


I fill up my gas tank like once every 3 months, so gas costs are nothing. 


My dog is also much better when she gets walked every few hours.

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Hey Robert,


That's a wonderful topic for discussion. I really feel indebted to Upwork/ oDesk for a new lease of life (literally)...and too think I heard of oDesk while mindlessly rummaging through an online newspaper!!


Best part is I don't have to spend time on commute. I didnt own a vehicle before (now I own a bright Orange colored Vespa), so had to spend almost 4 hours in traffice and public transport in my part of the world has to be experienced to know what I am talking....


Since I am at home, I get to look after my mom (she had a brain aneurysm) and my Dad and their needs. So that's another peace of mind that I won't swap for anything else.


I was paid a pittance at my earlier call center, I earn almost four times the salary now. So all in all, things are definitely looking brighter and exicting. All thanks to oDesk/ Upwork. And I sincerely wish everyone else the same 🙂

Sorry  guys, typos in the above post are way off charts!! My emotions got the better of my logical thinking...

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Been afull time consultant/lancer before upwork. But happiest thing(s) ?


1.No more wondering whether to fiddle with the sign-in register or login my actual resumption time and getting a mail from HR.

2. Choosing the projects I want to work on and not having to accept any job passed to my table. (I just said NO to a prospect some few minutes ago and my life feels less cluttered)

3. Going on Vacs not when HR thinks I can , But when I need to .



And the list goes on.

If anyone is a programmer, they neeeed to watch Office Space. It's so true to life that it's funny, and it's exactly why programmers hate middle managers. lol

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Having my work on House of Cards, getting a personal video message from Douglas Trumbull (He was the effects dude for 2001, Blade Runner, Star Trek etc), coming third in a $20K video contest (unfortunately I only got $1K for third - but I was close!),  my work winning a Shorty Award, working with Jason Mewes, getting a pass with merit on my astrophysics course (It would have been 'with distinction' if I'd turned any of my assignments in on time!), meeting an American girl on a boat in the middle of the ocean who's grandma pretty much lived next to my grandma in Scotland, back in the day (it's a small world)... being the highest rated UK design and multimedia provider on Elance (not any more - times change!)... getting Adobe Certified Expert certification in After Effects, being invited to take part in beta trials for the next Adobe Certified Expert certifications, being a moderator for Video Copilot (and getting free stuff!), having some of my stock footage selected for a 'the best of Pond5' collection by Corridor Digital, managing to drink an entire bottle of sherry in one go. 


Ok, the last one was before I started freelancing, but that's something to tell the grandkids right there!

"Welcome, humans. I'm ready for you!"
- Box, Logan's Run (1976)

Adobe gives their employees 6 weeks sabatical ever 5 years or something like that. Maybe it's 10. That's pretty sweet.


That's a lot of wins, Scott. Pretty awesome.


I guess not freelance related, but Citrix down here is like the Google of South Florida. Everyone wants to work there. I was pretty psyched last year when I got the contract and then they renewed it for 3 more months. My friend told me I'd hate it there. She worked for Cisco, so they are enemies. lol  I thought for sure she was right. Big companies and politics are not my thing. Best job I ever had. Beat out people who worked for Apple and all that jazzzz. The recruiter was a little pissed at me for showing up at the interview in bright yellow. ha! Wear black suit blah blah. These recruiters don't know IT.


Unfortunately got a painful breakup a month before the contract ended, and got dumped in text message to boot. Still not over that, but it sucked up all my happy over that gig. 😕


I started freelancing after getting fired. Getting fired was the best thing that ever happened to me. The happiest time was when I figured out that I didn't need corporate.



Yeah, I've used Citrix a few times... it's the future, but it's now! I did proper work before I went freelance... pivot tables, flow diagrams, Six Sigma, global operating systems, customer experience, being on conference calls and pretending you're listening etc etc. I guess somebody has to. 


I think i might have a certificate in Cisco. Or was it Oracle. Warehouses full of data... that's all I remember. They flew me up to Scotland, I nodded my head for eight hours and then I flew back. Got a piece of paper with some kind of logo and some kind of signature on it. Free champagne on the plane though... everyone's a winner!


But yeah, the company I worked for decided to consolidate a bunch of their locations, which meant that me and a few hundred other people got made redundant. Shame. Finding work was hard as it was 2009, so I invested my spare time into working out how these motion graphics and visual effects work. Turned out to be a bit easier than I though, so I used books, tutorials etc and managed to get good enough to do a video for a friend of a friend. Then it was a few more friends of friends and then I found Elance. Never looked back. 


Can't help you on the painful breakup vibe, but these things happen. I'm sure you're over it now anyway, but I do find that avoiding humans entirely, whenever possible, does help. 

"Welcome, humans. I'm ready for you!"
- Box, Logan's Run (1976)

Adobe gave me a full subscription of their Document Cloud and Creative Suite for a year. It was like xmas when they gave it to me. That was happy times.


I have the A+ and MCSE from like... late 1990s? LOL That'll age me. I was a secretary making $8/hour and decided to sweet talk my way into a sweet AT&T gig doing network admin stuff. I thought for sure I would get fired once they figured out I had no idea what I was doing. LOL I lasted for 3 years until the .com bust.


I've been made redundant plenty of times. Meh. Programming is great, but you're the first to go. "Dem **bleep** expensive devs gotta go!"


Took me a while to make money and I burned through my savings, but one day it just clicked. 


Painful breakup - eh, still not over it. 2 weeks before valentine's and we had plans. Worst of my life, but avoiding humans is basically my plan. Aside from people wanting to chat with me.


Today's chat was


Him: How much do you charge?

Me $55/hour

Him: Wow you charge like a lot of money

Me: Umm, you call that a lot of money?



LOL Not sure I'm winning that one.

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Realized I could support myself almost entirely without having to look at, listen to, or talk to humans. I don't mind writing to them. Woman Embarassed

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Its nice to see positive and grateful comments like this among negative ranting complaining threads that fulfill the community today. Besides our rant and curse towards the platform I think this is nice to be grateful a little bit 


oDesk anyway has feed me a lot of jobs, a lot more than my peers (in the same age) has gotten through local jobs in same field with me (design and multimedia). I wonder why they dont want to be a freelancer instead.


1. The salary is 3-4 times local studios (design)

2. No need transportation and fuel

3. Wake up at 10- the earliest 😛

4. Clients here appreciate our works better than local clients or boss at offices/studio. When we have done a design, they always (most of the time) give us simple compliments like "Good job!" "I love it" "Great work" "Im impressed". Just little things but that kind of words really encourage us to do even better and better, to keep clients satisfied, etc

5. We can choose what we want to do or not to do. While in the office/local studio you sometimes has to do your colleagues' unfinished works just because you work faster than him. The deadline is near so please help him to finish his job. For. Free. 

6. No overtime. Believe it or not, in my country there are still a lot company that dont give overtime wages. "tomorrow is the deadline so please work until 1 am today plz.For free.Plz"

7. Feedback. you wont get written feedback at your local studios. The joy of reading nice feedback from satisfied clients never fails to make me proud hahaha

8.USD is increasing and counting towards my country yeahh 😄