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Where can I spend the last connect? ‌

I believe in effective utilization of resources. My account balance has one connect remaining and I'm not sure what to do with it. 🙃

Can experts guide me on its optimum use? 



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Hi, Meriam. It's a very enthusiastic topic. But you can wait for a month, learn Upwork Academy, receive 8 new monthly conects, and use them more effectively.   Yea this is a long way 🤗

Hello Sir,

Thank you for your advice. It was helpful. 🙂

Are these skill certications invitation based only, in limited areas?

If you about the Academy? For a more effective starting, for free. When you learn Academy's advice you begin to understand what you did wrong and why you spent "conects" less effectively.

You are right, Sir. I got it now. 

Thank you.

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Wait until you have the minimum connects to apply for a job.

Thanks for your advice, Sir. 🙂

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