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Where have all my clients gone?

All gone quiet, every one.

When will I ever learn?

When will I ever learn?


Perhaps they're all on summer breaks. I need to find more clients in the southern hemisphere.


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It's called Summer 🙂


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It's feast or famine - or like waiting for a London bus. You can wait hours, and then suddenly  they all arrive at the same time. 

July and August are miserable in the legal field.  Everyone, including judges, goes on vacation and it's just awful.  Every year.  December, too.

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"It's a cruel (cruel) cruel summer leaving me here on my own." just like the song said.

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You remind me of the last summer. I had just earned my TR, and I had nothing to do for about two weeks. Except for sending proposals, which I don't enjoy doing.

Then a new (I mean totally new with no UW history) client from Saudi Arabia invited me, and I ended up doing a couple of small projects for them. It was...different. But overall it was good.

Now I happily work for fellow Europeans who gave me enough work to keep me busy till the end of the summer 🙂


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