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Which type of mentor or mentee are you?

Do you have a mentor or mentee? The question of how many mentors one is supposed to have or how many mentees one can manage is a bit common nowadays for people who want to succeed and play part in the success of others respectively.

Here is a list of types of mentor. This list was shared by the admin of my focus group and it includes the following:

-The protector - Creates a safe space for the mentee abd also walks with them through vulnerable situations.
-The coach - Will encourage mentees by putting emphasis on positive attributes in their mentees and link that to how they can overcome growth challenges.
-The affirmer - Are great listeners
-The advisor - Help their mentees develope a clear course of action on a specific situation
-The clarifier - Help a mentee get better understanding of situations from a position of experience
-The connection broker - Connects their mentees with experts in their areas of interest
-The challenger - Help their mentees developing problem solving skills by urging them to take up new challenges.
-The sponsor - Uses their influence to help their mentee get into places of promotion

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Hey George, I am a mentor to most people I come in contact with. It is important to leave a person in a better position after meeting. Have a wonderful day!

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