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Who wants to launch their own product?

I develop products for my clients and have met some amazing clients and my projects were more like a journey than work. I am more inclined to launch my own products, but I wonder if other product developers are also motivated to do so? If I were a client, I would always chose experience but with passion in a freelancer, because launching a product takes more than just skills.
Feel free to add your comments, suggestions, ideas.
Perhaps a couple of fellow freelancers can join force and launch their products haha!

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Hi, Jebran. It's an interesting topic. So any product you create is yours. The reason is for how much you sold it. ðŸ¤”

Hey Dmytro,
I have tried to sell my products once, it was a good learning experience but I couldnt make it very profitable. Over the years, my clients have made millions of dollars from products developed by me and my team (I am super happy for them). The product I develop for my clients is never mine because they pay me to develop it and all the ownership righfully belongs, however I have been offered partnerships in products by some clients. The deal is simple, I develop the product, free of cost, to earn my stake and they fund everything and this seems like a fair deal.
But I wonder if I can come across who have already succeeded like this and can share some useful insights.


Upwork is for selling services, not products. If you couldn't make it profitable, you need to examine why and fix the issues before trying again. You can't sell products through Upwork.


You can offer your skills to create a product for the client, but you can't sell a product.

Hey Jeane,
I completely agree with you. Selling services on upwork has been super rewarding for me. I think I might have not clearly conveyed my message in the post ( I am new to the community). What I was trying to know if there are other freelancers who are working on amazing products for their clients and get the feeling of launching their own products. But doing it on their own can be very challenging so what if different freelancer can band together and launch their own product? 

Upwork is for selling services. If you want to work on and develop a product to sell, there are many ways to do so, and none of them include Upwork. I would give your situation a lot of thought about how to develop, market, and sell the product. Upwork does not function in that way, and is not the way to go for developing and selling a product. Of course, it is challenging, and there is usually not much income, early on. But that's part of the process. Perhaps, try reaching out to people in one other local or skills groups. I understand what you want to accomplish, but I would advise separating your skills from your product development.



Are you selling a service or a product? It depends on the specifics.

Hello William,
I am selling services. I provide turn key product development services. I constantly get the feeling of launching my own product, so I reached out to the upwork community to know if I am not alone with this feeling and if somebody has tried it or what if a group of freelancers can come together and launch their own product?



If you mean launch new services for Upwork clients, yes I have made major new services for clients this year and will do so again next year. Client needs are radically changing because business is quickly adapting to artificial intelligence and automation.

Hello William,
I too am incorporating emerging tools and tech into my existing services, It is already helping me a lot.
Everyday new AI tools are popping out into the market with more advacements. It will be interesting to see how the digital landscape will look like in the coming years.
I am also realizing that my first post ever here, s a bit misleading. I wanted to know if other developers too had same thoughts as I m having, about lunching my own products and get guidance from ones who already had done this and then see a possibility where a bunch freelancers/developers can band together and launch their own product.

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Launch a product or a service?

Hey William,
I am talking about launching a product, probably hardware but it can be a software as well. They key is forming a team of 2-3 individuals who can work on product ideas as they normally do for clients but this time they will be launching the product themselves. 
I have found that launching a product alone is super hard, not only you need an investor but also the right team. So if few talented developers can come together they can easily launch successful products.

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Jebran, if you're as good at product development as your profile indicates, you may need (crowd?)funding and hire a freelancer to do the business side of it.

Hey Monika!
I am good at product development, almost all my clients are happy (I guess haha).
You are right crowd funding is great way to fund one's idea. At the time of this post, as I was very new to this community, I was wondering if other developers and freelancers also have strong urge to launch their own product and if someone did, how did they do it? just like you are suggesting crowd funding and hiring a freelancer.

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